It’s time to talk calories

61DD0QJ6TCLWhy is it that as holi­days approach, one feels the responsibility to tell others about ways to cut calories?

Fitness magazine has done so in its December issue, and the 10 tips it passes along are worth reading, maybe even following during the next couple of months when festive food will be a constant focus.

Perfect your jump shot. Toss your children’s leftover food in the trash. Read More →

Ole Miss AD ‘sad and mad’

2217016729_bbf7cd7c49Mississippi was not among the eight Southeastern Conference teams selected for a bowl game despite the Rebels’ 7-4 overall record that includes a 4-4 record in the SEC.

It was the Rebels’ fifth straight seven-win season, their longest such streak since having 12 consecutive campaigns of at least seven victories from 1952-1963. It is the first time since 1996 that Ole Miss will not be playing in a bowl game.

“I’m going through a lot of emotions right now. I’m disappointed, frustrated, sad, and mad,” said Ole Miss Athletics Director John Shafer in a statement Sunday. Read More →

Best Fanfiction Story

MM_and_VHParties were not something she sought out normally, but she actually found herself smiling and laughing with the people around her. She felt more cheerful than she had in months. So she didn’t shoot down Marcus’ attempts at flirtation as sharply as usual. She giggled with genuine amusement as Michael pretended to heroically defend her virtue, and again as the two men negotiated for who would get to dance with her. As a passing waiter stopped to offer her a drink, she missed part of their conversation. So she was a little confused when they each took her by an arm and led her toward the dancing area. Read More →

Hell To Pay storyline – The Flash

4317168441_0c4652aaf6A wonderfully well-paced issue that’s going to tie up/resolve one of the biggest plot danglers since Waid’s UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED: what happened to the Rogues killed in the first issue of that mini, and how in the world are Waid and Augustyn going to pull off bringing them back? And it segues nicely from the Keystone-vs.-Santa Marta storyline, as Wally’s mood after the tidal wave has disadvantaged him in dealing with other threats to come, but Linda’s proximity to danger calls him back to his senses. Read More →

Support Groups And Long Term Illness


The purpose of a support group is to give you a sense that you are not alone in your sorrow. Most bereaved have told me that they find comfort being with other people who have had similar experiences. Perhaps for the first time, they find someone who truly appreciates how they feel. Other bereaved understand the problems associated with the death of a loved one. Through talking and sharing their stories, they vocalize and ventilate their intense feelings. They lift the lid off their emotional pressure cooker. By doing so they validate each other’s feelings. “It’s good to know that someone else feels that way too. I thought that I was the only one who felt like this. I really thought that I was losing it!” Read More →